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In January 2022,

A young man came to me with an idea; to scale his elocution training business by using engaging content to increase his leads. I worked with him using my content strategy framework and he went from 4860 followers in February 2022 to 13,000 followers in June 2022. He exceeded his sales goals for a product he was launching. Today he’s at over 100k followers.

In November 2022,

A product-based business owner came knocking at my door with a very interesting problem. She was making sales but felt a disconnect with her customers. They’ll just buy and leave. I worked with her and developed a roadmap for her with an emphasis on storytelling. Today, not only is her audience engaged on Instagram, but she has also grown on Tik Tok in both followers and sales and she now has a private community of over 300 women.

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